Red Baron

Spread your Wings With Red Baron

Red Baron, by Aristocrat games, is an online slot machine based around the famous fighter pilot, and the culture of the world war one era. From its many colourful symbols to its informative sound design, it offers an enjoyable online slot machine experience. The goal of the game is to spin the reels and hope that the icons form matching sequences. If sequences are formed, the player is paid out, with the better the sequence meaning a bigger payout. If landing any of the bonus icons the payout will always be considerably bigger. This game is designed to be played on mobile device, but is also accessible on laptops, home computers or tablets. For more detailed information, please contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play.

Red Baron And World War One Icons

Sticking with the theme, the Red Baron used icons designed to resemble the world war one era. You will find an old fashioned radio, a blimp, the red baron himself, the red baron’s plane, and a retro woman. These icons are played alongside the classic one to ten, plus jack, queen, king of traditional slot machines. The icons have varying values when matched, which can be seen in more detail via the info button, which is located at the bottom right of the screen.

Big Payout Icons And Specials

The military medal icon is this game’s wild card. It can stand as substitute for other icons and form matches. It may now, however, match with the target icon, which stands as this games scatter card. The scatter card, if matching with itself at least three times, will trigger the bonus sequence, which will result in fifteen free spins. During these spins, winnings will be multiplied, and may result in even more free spins. Hope to see as many scatter icons as is possible.

Music And Sounds

Upon starting a theme will play, linking with the world war one theme. The sounds of the game are carefully designed, allowing for the player to follow what is going on simply by listening. Each win has its own special, easy recognisable theme. This means that, if the player wishes, they may turn on the auto-spin feature and follow the game without visually seeing the screen. The autoplay feature can be found at the bottom of the screen, and if used will result in the reels spinning automatically with no input from the player. Autoplay may be turned on for up to five hundred automatic spins.

More About The Interface

Also found at the bottom of the screen is the player’s balance, the current total bet, and the number of reels bet on. Remember that a reel must be bet on in order to win from it. You will also find the spin button, which triggers one manual spin, and the info button. There is also a gamble button, which, when used, allows the player to guess a downward facing playing card after a win. If guessing right, the player can increase the winnings.