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Secure Online Casinos for Dubai

Even though the most secure online casinos are highly regulated by internationally recognized organisations, the internet is still teeming with unlicensed and unregulated casinos which have a history of defrauding customers. Before players in Dubai sign up to any online casino, they should make sure that the site is properly licenced and regulated and the most reputable and secure online casino will always be upfront about this information.

Below players will all the information required to ensure that they are visiting a legitimate online casino.

How to Ensure Site Fairness

There are two ways in which online casinos maintain their fairness and this is through independent testing and review, as well employing random number generating (RNG) software. The most secure online casino will have a license issued by a reputable jurisdiction and will be regularly tested by independent companies which will ensure that all software is operating as it should be. In order for an online casino to keep their license, they have to be found to be properly and regularly reviewing their games.

Random Number Generator software should be used on every secure online casino as it is the heart of ensuring play is fair and truly random. As all card decks, dice and slots are digital animations when playing online, RNG software is a must to ensure that the results provided are truly those of chance.

How Online Casino Licenses are Obtained

Each regulatory body will have their set of specific guidelines to obtain an online casino license, and will usually involve a thorough investigation into solvency, software and systems audit, a background check into the stated principals of the online casino during the application process, as well as suitability for their target market.

Thankfully players in Dubai have no need to worry that the proper steps have been taken when approving an online casino for a license, as the process will be detailed in readily available documents provided by the specific regulatory body.


When players in Dubai want to ensure that they are playing at a secure online casino, the easiest thing to do is look out for the eCOGRA, SSL and TST logos which should be displayed at the bottom of the home page of a properly licensed casino.

eCOGRA or e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance is an internationally recognized organization that monitors and audit online casinos.

SSL, which is short for Secure Sockets Layer, is a process for ensuring a secure line of connection for two points across the internet, such as between the player’s bank and the online casino. This connection is impenetrable by outside parties, ensuring safety for players in Dubai.

TST, which is short for Technical System Testing, is a company which regularly tests secure online casino for compliance and is widely recognized as one of the top regulatory organizations.

Keeping Your Cash Safe

Selecting a secure online casino is of utmost importance as most players in Dubai will play for fun, but each player always holds out constant hope of winning a big online slots Singapore jackpot. When playing multiple progressive slots there is always the chance that you’ll be the one to hit the big pot, however winning such a jackpot at a casino that has no means or intention of paying you out would be absolutely heart-breaking. With a bit of research and advice, each player can ensure that they are utilising the most secure online casino.